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Adoptable Abbi

Location: Calgary, AB

Size: 19lbs

Age: Born May 10, 2022

Energy Level: Medium

Cats: Not tested, likely fine

Dogs: Yes, Abbi loves all dogs

Kids: Yes

Medical: Abbi has overcome a long-term UTI infection, but this should be monitored regularly.

Adoption fee: $550


Meet Abbi, the lovable canine companion eagerly awaiting her forever home! Abbi is a delightful dog with a medium energy level, perfectly suited for both playtime and relaxation. Her zest for life shines through in her enthusiasm for outings, especially when it's time to slip on her harness and leash – a cue that fills her with excitement.

Abbi's sociable nature extends to both dogs and kids, making her an ideal addition to any family dynamic. She revels in the company of her furry and human friends alike, always ready for a romp or a snuggle session. During her daily walks, Abbi knows the neighborhood dogs like the back of her paw and is a well-mannered observer, refraining from unnecessary barking but still keen on making new acquaintances.

Although Abbi cherishes her time with her humans, she's also adapted well to being alone for short periods, displaying no destructive tendencies. Her foster mom attests to her impeccable behavior and describes her as the epitome of a perfect companion. Abbi's fondness for car rides adds another layer of enjoyment to any adventure-filled day.

In terms of house training, Abbi is already a pro, preferring outdoor breaks but willing to use a pee pad at night if necessary. She thrives in homes with access to a yard, where she can stretch her legs and explore to her heart's content. Plus, she's a firm believer in the concept of "the more, the merrier," relishing the opportunity to share sleeping quarters with her humans.

Abbi's journey to her current state of contentment hasn't been without its challenges, including overcoming separation anxiety and battling a severe UTI. However, with love, patience, and proper care, she's emerged healthier and happier than ever. Potential adopters should be prepared to offer Abbi the support she needs during the transition to her forever home and ensure regular vet check-ups to maintain her well-being.

With her boundless affection and unwavering loyalty, Abbi is ready to bring joy and companionship to a loving family who shares her passion for outdoor adventures and cozy cuddles. Could your home be the perfect match for this charming canine companion? Come meet Abbi and discover the endless love and happiness she has to offer!


To meet Abbi, complete an application here:

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