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Alaska and dozer.jpeg

Adoptable Alaska
Location: Tilley, Alberta
Breed: Great Pyrenees mix
Weight: Large sized when fully grown

Age: Born November 2023
Sex: Female
Energy level: medium
Cats and small animals: Untested but likely fine. 
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Dog savvy kids

Adoption fee: $550


Meet Alaska. She’s a cute ball of fur that loves to be petted and cuddled. Her foster mom says that she sees a glimmer of the sassy girl Alaska may grow up to be if she gets help with her confidence. Alaska has been working really hard on her house training, with only occasional accident inside now. Alaska goes outside multiple times a day with her foster siblings but has not yet started doing the stairs; her foster mom knows with a bit of work she could master them quickly. Alaska has a kind and sweet disposition, and will likely be good with kids. She is great with the resident dogs, especially her newest foster brother who she loves to play with. As for leash walks, Alaska can make it down to the end of the driveway to watch the world go by, but does not want to venture much further. She does have a desire to be near people, and you will always hear her tail thumping away as she excitedly waits for pets. Alaska does great in the car.    She spent her first 12 weeks of life outside with little socialization. Adopters will need to be committed to continuing her socialization work if they want Alaska to adventure with them outside the house, but truthfully she would love to be a homebody that gets her exercise playing with her family and doing some flirt pole in the yard. She would likely do well with another confident dog that can show her the ropes and play with her to burn off some of her energy!


If you are looking for a kind and sweet girl, and committed to helping her blossom, please complete an adoption application for Alaska here: and one of our directors will be in contact with you via email within a few business days.

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