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Adoptable Austin

Location: Big Valley, Alberta

Breed: Dachshund Mix

Weight: 15lbs

Age: Approx 1 year

Sex: Neutered Male

Energy level: Medium

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Kids 8+ or dog savvy kids (as he's jumpy)

Adoption fee: $650


Introducing Austin, an amazing little dog with a zest for life! This fun-loving and outgoing pup may have short little legs, but he has a heart full of love and a personality that shines bright. Austin is not much bigger than a dachshund, making him the perfect size for any home.

Austin is a social butterfly, and he gets along famously with other dogs. He enjoys their company and is always up for a playdate or a romp in the park. When it comes to cats, Austin is pretty laid-back and doesn't bother with them. So, if you have feline friends at home, Austin won't mind their presence. This happy-go-lucky young guy is an expert at both playtime and relaxation. He loves to engage in playful activities but also knows how to unwind and enjoy some downtime. Austin adores snuggling up with his loved ones, providing warmth and companionship during those cozy moments. When it comes to manners, Austin is a quick learner. He walks pretty well on a leash and is mastering the art of potty training. With a little guidance and consistency, he will become a pro in no time.

Austin would thrive in a family with older children who can match his energy and provide him with the love and attention he deserves. One thing Austin dreams of is having a family who will allow him to sleep in bed. He loves the comfort and security of being close to his humans, and sharing the bed would be a dream come true for him.


Austin is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.


If you are looking for the perfect new family member and think your home would be a good match for Austin, please complete an adoption application here: and one of our directors will be in contact with you via email within a few business days

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