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Adoptable Canelo
Location: Standard, AB
Breed: Mixed Shepherd
Weight: Approx 25kg

Age: Less than 2 years - juvenile
Sex: Male
Energy level: Medium-high
Cats and small animals: Untested
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes

Adoption fee: $550


Sweet Canelo would love to be your forever boy! 

He is energetic and playful and he zoomies like an absolute pro.  Canelo loves people and he charms strangers and makes friends wherever he goes.  When his foster mom found him as a rather sick Mexican street dog, he was adored by all the kids and families in the neighbourhood and everyone fed him and played with him along his route.  

Now he is learning how to be a home dog and he has discovered his great love for playing tug of war and ball.  He also has an affinity for annihilating stuffies so his forever home will need to be well stocked!!

This beautiful boy is expressive and fun and has a fabulous smushy face when he is getting forehead kisses. He is interested in learning what is appropriate and where to put his attention and energy and where not to.  However, he may be too exuberant for smaller kids and animals and would thrive with experienced dog owners.  He would love to have older kids and medium to large dogs to play with!

He is excellent with house training and sleeps quietly in his kennel all night long.


 If you are looking for an absolutely fabulous ride or die, please complete an adoption application for Canelo here: and one of our directors will be in contact with you via email within a few business days.

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