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Adoptable Chili

Location: Cochrane, Alberta

Breed: Mix

Weight: 32 lbs

Age: Approx 3 or 4 years old

Sex: Spayed Female

Energy level: Medium

Cats: No

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Adoption fee: $550


Meet Chili, the calm and cuddly medium-sized girl who is eagerly awaiting her forever home. With her gentle demeanor and love for walks, Chili is the perfect companion for anyone seeking a loyal and affectionate furry friend. One of Chili's favorite activities is going on walks, where she showcases her impeccable leash manners. Her tail wags with excitement throughout the entire walk, showing just how much she enjoys being outside and exploring the world around her. Chili's calm nature makes her a joy to walk. Chili has had the pleasure of being around children aged 5 to 10 and absolutely adored their company. She is naturally gentle and patient, making her a great fit for families with kids. Her loving and friendly nature extends to other dogs as well. Chili is respectful of their space but always tries to make new friends, showcasing her sociable and easygoing personality.

 When it comes to cuddling, Chili is a true expert. She is a huge cuddle bug and is always seeking opportunities to snuggle up with her human companions. Whether it's on the couch or in bed, Chili is happiest when she can curl up next to her loved ones. She sleeps soundly through the night, whether it's in her crate or on her foster mom's bed. Chili's playful side shines through when she's given the chance to run around in a backyard. She loves to explore and stretch her legs, making her an ideal companion for those with a spacious outdoor area. Regular exercise is important for Chili, so a home that prioritizes regular walks and outdoor activities would be the perfect fit for her. If you're looking for a calm, cuddly, and sociable companion, Chili is the dog for you. With her loving nature, impeccable leash manners, and friendly demeanor towards children and other dogs, Chili is ready to bring joy and warmth to her forever home. Don't miss the chance to meet this wonderful girl and make her a part of your family.

Chili is spayed, up to date on vaccines and microchipped.

If you are looking for the perfect new family member and think your home would be a good match for Chili, please complete an adoption application here: and one of our directors will be in contact with you via email within a few business days.

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