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Adoptable Daisy
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Breed: Mix
Weight: 55lbs

Age: Almost 2 years old
Sex: Spayed Female
Energy level: Medium
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes, older dog savvy kids
Medical: Daisy takes daily anxiety medication.
Adoption fee: $550 (can be put towards a training program)

Daisy is the sweetest, goofiest, and most loving dog you will meet. She is so silly and loves
rolling in the grass/snow, playing tug, and sniffing around the house to find hidden treats!
She is very smart and knows a lot of commands. 

Daisy absolutely loves other dogs and would do best in a home with a playful best friend to keep her company.
She is very shy and unsure of new people but has come a very long way and can usually
warm up within a few minutes (it used to take hours!). Once you are one of “her people”,
though, she is extremely affectionate, playful, and loving. Daisy had a very ‘ruff start’ to life,
and because of this, she has some fears that she is working through. 
Daisy does pretty well with cats/small animals (can occasionally get overexcited, but has
lived with cats on multiple occasions), does well in her crate for up to 2 hours, She loves puzzle toys to keep her busy and learning new things.
Daisy's ideal home will include:
- Another dog for Daisy to play with! Daisy would also likely do well in a home with
older (12+) kids to play with.
- A private & quiet fenced yard (no condo's or busy locations please)

-An owner willing to work with her and sign up for a training class to help with her confidence..

If you are looking for the perfect new family member and think your home would be a good match for Daisy, please complete an adoption application here: and one of our directors will be in contact with you via email within a few business days. 

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