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Adoptable Dizzy

Location: Sylvain Lake, Alberta

Breed: Small Mix

Weight: 18lbs

Age: Approx 1 Year Old

Sex: Neutered Male

Energy level: Medium/Low

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Yes but would prefer smaller, calmer dogs who like to play.

Kids: Older, dog savvy kids

Adoption fee: $550 


Dizzy may be a bit shy at first, but his loving heart shines through once he gets to know you. This sweet pup is looking for a patient and understanding forever home where he can continue to blossom. While he may be nervous around men, Dizzy's gentle nature and low to medium energy level make him a perfect companion for someone who appreciates a calm and loving furry friend.


Dizzy enjoys leisurely walks and gets so excited when you come home that he bounces around, eager to play. However, he quickly settles down and is happiest snuggled up on the couch with his favorite humans. When out for a walk, Dizzy trots along beside you on the leash, rarely pulling, showing his good leash manners. Although he may startle easily at sudden noises or passing vehicles, Dizzy is working on building his confidence and trust. He is cautious but interested in other dogs, showing potential for making furry friendships. When left alone, he is crate-trained and settles down after a few initial barks, showing improvement over time.


Dizzy's ideal home would likely be with a single female initially, as he forms quick attachments, but with patience and love, he can adjust to different family dynamics. While he may bark occasionally at sounds, he is not a frequent barker and is a neat eater and drinker. This snuggler is a happy walker who loves spending time with his human. With a heart full of love and a desire to please, Dizzy is a loyal companion who will bring joy and comfort to your home. If you're looking for a cuddly and well-mannered pup who is making great progress in potty training and learning new commands, Dizzy could be the perfect addition to your family. Come meet Dizzy and give him the loving forever home he deserves! Complete an application on the website here:

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