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Adoptable Dorian

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Breed: Mixed

Age: Approximately 1.5 years old

Sex: Neutered Male

Energy Level: Medium/Low

Cats: Not tested, likely okay with proper introduction

Dogs: Yes, but needs a slow introduction to feel comfortable

Kids: Dorian would prefer a home without young children. Older dog savvy children would probably be okay. 

Adoption fee: $550


Meet Dorian, your future four-legged companion with a heart of gold and a personality as endearing as his long, awkward legs! Dorian is a medium/low energy pooch, perfectly suited for a regular walking schedule, making him an ideal partner for those who enjoy leisurely strolls through the neighborhood or adventures in the great outdoors.

With his excellent leash manners, taking Dorian for a walk is always a pleasure. He's almost crate trained, willingly retreating to his cozy den when left alone or when it's bedtime. And speaking of bedtime, you can rest assured that Dorian is a champion sleeper, snoozing peacefully through the night.

Although initially cautious around new faces and furry friends, Dorian quickly warms up, revealing his affectionate nature and eagerness to make new friends. He thrives in a calm environment, making him the perfect fit for a quiet household without young children or high-energy pets.

Dorian is making strides in his house training journey, showing continuous improvement with each passing day. Sure, he may stumble a bit on the stairs with his long, clumsy legs, but his determination to master them is unmatched.

This loving pup is incredibly affectionate and eager to please, especially when tasty treats are involved. His food motivation makes training a breeze, and enrolling him in obedience classes would not only be beneficial for him but also a rewarding experience for both of you.

Dorian's favorite pastimes include indulging in delicious meals, embarking on leisurely walks, and snuggling up on the couch for some quality cuddle time. If you're searching for a loyal companion who will steal your heart with his charm and affection, look no further than Dorian. Come meet him today and discover the joy of welcoming him into your home!


If you think that Dorian would be a great match for your home, please complete an application and one of our team members will be in touch shortly!

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