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Adoptable Flor

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Breed: Small mix breed

Age: Approx 2 years old

Sex: Spayed female

Energy level: Puppy energy

Cats: Yes - but is still learning not to chase

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Untested - likely okay

Adoption fee: $650


Meet Flor, the petite pup with endless energy and a heart of gold! This delightful young lady is eager to find her forever home, and she's ready to steal your heart from the moment you meet her.

With her slender frame and long legs, Flor is the epitome of grace and charm. But don't let her delicate appearance fool you – this girl is bursting with energy and enthusiasm! Flor thrives on playtime and would love nothing more than to have some furry playmates to romp around with. Whether it's chasing after her favorite toys or bounding through the park on adventures, Flor is always up for some fun.

While Flor may still be mastering the art of leash walking, she's making great progress and is eager to learn. Plus, she's already crate trained and is perfectly content to have some alone time at home, as long as she has her beloved toys to keep her company.

Flor's friendly nature extends to other dogs, and she's more than happy to make new friends at the dog park. She's even learning to coexist peacefully with her feline foster sibling, though she can't resist the occasional playful chase.

When it comes to house training, Flor is well on her way to mastering the basics, but she'll need a patient and dedicated adopter to help her continue her progress. In return, she promises to shower you with kisses and affection every chance she gets.

Ideal for an active household, Flor is always ready for adventure, whether it's a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or a thrilling car ride to a new destination. But above all, Flor's greatest joy comes from being with her humans, and she can't wait to find a loving family to call her own.

If you're looking for a spirited companion who's as sweet as can be, look no further than Flor. Come meet this lovable pup today and discover the joy of having Flor by your side! Apply to meet her here:

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