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Adoptable Jade

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Breed Best Guess: St Bernard Mix

Weight: Large breed when fully grown

Age Best Guess: Born September 2023

Sex: Female

Energy level: Medium

Cats: Not Tested

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes, she loves kids

Adoption fee: $700


Introducing Jade, the adorable young St. Bernard mix puppy who is eagerly searching for her forever home! With her sweet and gentle nature, Jade is the perfect companion for families with children of all ages. Jade's happy and well-behaved personality shines through, making her an instant hit with everyone she meets. She is a fast learner and has already mastered the art of sleeping through the night, ensuring peaceful evenings for her future family. While she is still working on her potty training, Jade is making great progress and is eager to please. With consistent guidance and positive reinforcement, she is sure to become a pro in no time. She is also in the process of learning to walk on a leash, showing her determination and willingness to learn new skills. Jade's joy is contagious, especially when she is playing with her brother. Their bond is evident, and they share countless hours of fun and laughter together. However, Jade is more than ready to embark on her own adventures and create new memories with her forever family. It's important to note that Jade will grow into a large breed dog, so she will need a home that can provide her with plenty of space and exercise. Her size, combined with her loving and gentle nature, makes her an ideal addition to any family looking for a loyal and affectionate companion.

Jades adoption includes up to date vaccines, her spay at 8 to 10 months of age and a microchip.

If you are looking for the perfect new family member and think your home would be a good match for Jade, please complete an adoption application here: and one of our directors will be in contact with you via email within a few business days.

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