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Adoptable Jane

Location: St Albert,  Alberta

Breed: Whippet Mix? 

Weight: 20lbs

Age: Approx 1 year

Sex: Spayed Female

Energy level: Low

Cats: No

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Adoption fee: $550


Jane is a sweet, gentle, nervous little whippet cross who came to me in February, and I have been thrilled with the improvement I have seen in the past couple months!  Jane started off not wanting to leave my room, and now she is confident in the house, and we are working on the outdoors! Her energy level is quite low, but she does get little bursts of play and fun throughout the day which is so much fun to see.  She is discovering toys and loves my resident dog and engages in play with her too.  Most of Jane's stimulation is inside with toys and bones and is even starting to play with me!

She is still afraid of the outdoors and doesn't walk once she is outside.  So, to help her get used to the outdoors I put her in a doggy sling and carry her while I walk my resident dog, Prudence.  We live beside a dog park, so she gets to see other dogs and people when I take her with me. When I don't take her with me, she has the run of the house and hasn't been destructive or loud.  Being that she is afraid of the outdoors at this point, she does her business consistently on a pee pad beside the back door.  She mostly does her business in the morning or in the night but does use the pad occasionally throughout the day. With summer right around the corner, I imagine taking the extra step outside to do her business will be successful. 


When it's chilly she wears jackets and shivers if she doesn't but will tug at the neck if she wants it off.  So, I believe she will love the warm months coming up.  Sometimes if it's cold I'll put her bed in the dryer for a few mins and she snuggles into the warmth when I take it out for her. She will go in a crate without fuss, and when I take her places in the car she travels perfectly in her crate.  But in the house if the crate's door is open, she doesn't choose to go in on her own.  She much prefers the warm bed beside me. 


Jane would do best in a house with NO cats or small animals like guinea pigs or rabbits.  She loves calm children (my nieces adore her) and a quieter household in general would suit her best.  It took her 2 good months to decompress and start to show her personality, so someone with patience and kindness who loves a constant companion at their side is who Jane would bond most with.


Jane is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. 


If you believe you can provide Jane with the nurturing environment that she requires, please complete an application and our team will be in touch.

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