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Adoptable Jasper

Location: Airdrie, Alberta

Breed: Poodle

Weight: 30lbs

Age: Approx 1 year old

Sex: Male

Energy level: Medium/High

Cats: Not Tested

Dogs: Yes Yes Yes

Kids: Likely yes, older kids preferred due him jumping up

Medical: Jaspers neuter is booked for March 13th

Adoption fee: $650


This handsome and energetic medium/small-sized poodle is ready to bring some pawsitivity into your life! Jasper is a social butterfly who absolutely adores other dogs and loves nothing more than romping around and playing with his furry friends. With his good listening skills, Jasper will even patiently wait at the door for his paws to be wiped after outdoor adventures.


When he's not busy making new doggy pals, Jasper enjoys getting all the pets and cuddles he can handle. His expressive face is sure to melt your heart and bring a smile to your face. This smart pup is a quick learner and would excel in obedience training – he's eager to show off his skills! Jasper is a dream companion who sleeps soundly through the night in his kennel. He's currently working on his house training and is a fast learner,we think he would do well when it comes to using a doggy bell to signal his need to go outside. This food-loving pup enjoys meals from a slow feeder to keep his dining pace in check and loves gnawing on bones and toys - he needs guidance on what is appropriate to chew on.


With his friendly nature and love for people, Jasper is sure to make a wonderful addition to any family. While he will likely adore kids, he's still learning not to jump up and may be best suited for older children.


If you're looking for a loyal and playful companion who will fill your life with joy and love, Jasper is the perfect match for you! Come meet this lovable poodle and get ready to welcome a bundle of furry joy into your home. Fill out an application here:

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