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Kel and Kenan

Adoptable Kel and Kenan

Location: Carstairs, Alberta

Breed: Shepherd Cross

Weight: 44lbs and 40lbs

Age: Approximately 8 years old

Sex: Males

Energy level: Medium/Low Energy

Cats: Untested – likely ok

Small animals: Good with foster rabbit – leaves it alone

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Uncertain – dog savvy kids might be ok

Adoption fee: $850


Kel and Kenan are bonded brothers who are always happy and smiling!!

They have had each other’s back through some tough times including the last 5 years in a shelter. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring them into foster care and show them how great life in a home is. Now they are ready to find their forever family!

They are very shy and uncertain about new things and people but once they are shown they are safe, they very quickly adapt and accept. Building trust with these fellows can be done with love and patience. 

They love walks and do quite well approaching other dogs and people, Kenan will hide behind Kel if it’s too scary 😊 They do well when left free in the house for short amounts of time and in their kennel when left for longer periods of time. They sleep through the night in their kennel as well.

They are doing great with house training and will cue to go out although foster mom still needs to be with them to make sure they go all the way down to the grass to pee.

Kel and Kenan are up for any adventure and do very well on car rides. They enjoy hiking, walking or just hanging out and watching TV. Once they have the time and space to feel safe; they are all about getting pets and cuddles.

Are these sweet boys your forever adventure buddies?

If you think your home would be a good match for Kel and Kenan, please complete an adoption application here: and

one of our directors will be in contact with you via email within a few business days.

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