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As part of our commitment to rescuing and rehoming animals, we also take in medical cases that are unlikely to get adopted or treatment at a shelter. These animals come with extremely high expenses and need dedicated care from a loving foster home so we are only able to take these animals when we have the resources to do so. 

The animals you see listed below are long term residents of Ruff Start Rescue Society and are going through medical treatment. Some are available for adoption and some will remain under the rescue until they are ready to cross the rainbow bridge, If you are interested in sponsoring or adopting one of these amazing animals, please send us an email at


(Aka Mimi)

Rosie (Aka Mimi) Came to us at about 9 years old and had been living in a shelter environment with no hopes of adoption.  Rosie is a distemper survivor which has caused her to have a twitch. 

After having her assessed by one of our wonderful veterinarians she was diagnosed with erhlichia and stage 2 kidney disease. On top of this she has severe dental decay which is causing her a lot of discomfort. 

We have treated her erhlichia but unfortunately it has caused a lot of damage to her little body. She is on medication to help with her kidneys and is currently going through consultation with a dental specialist. 

Rosie's monthly medication and treatment costs are estimated around $340 and the quote for a dental surgery is $7500.

We aren't sure how long this little lady has left on earth with us, but we do know that she will get the medical attention and love that she deserves. She is now living in a wonderful palliative care foster home. 



Newman is probably the happiest dog we have ever met. Even with all his health issues he is always happy to see everyone including people. children, dogs and cats. 

Newman has severe glaucoma in both eyes which is currently being managed with eye drops but there may come a day where he will need both his eyes removed. 

Newman also has been diagnosed with proteinuria in which treatment has been unsuccessful. It is being monitored and many dogs that have proteinuria have lived a long and happy life without symptoms.

He IS available for adoption to the right home as he has a lot of life to live and so much love to offer.



Chai is a sweet little spaniel mix who was left a shelter with extensive damage to her back legs. despite her injuries, she loves to run and play but it is causing damage to the rest of her little body. 

Chai has undergone one leg surgery so far which has brought back mobility to her leg. Her next surgery will be much more extensive.

Chai has been adopted to a wonderful and dedicated family! Ruff Start Rescue Society will be covering her surgery bills.

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