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Adoptable Piper

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Breed: Mix

Weight: Medium/Large breed when fully grown

Age: Best guess: born September 2023

Sex: Female

Energy level: Medium

Cats: Not tested

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes she loves kids

Adoption fee: $550


Introducing Piper, the adorable and lovable 5-month-old puppy who is ready to find her forever home! Piper is a foster dog gold mine, according to her foster mom, and it's easy to see why. This sweet pup has been fostered with a family that includes other dogs and young children, and she gets along famously with everyone. Piper has a friendly and gentle nature, making her a perfect fit for a family with kids or other furry friends. Although she can be a bit shy around new people, it doesn't take long for her to warm up and show her affectionate side.

Piper is already crate trained and happily sleeps in her crate overnight. She's a well-behaved little companion who loves to people watch and trot around the house and backyard. While she may be a bit unsure about walking on a leash, she is actively working on building her confidence in this area. When it comes to interacting with other dogs, Piper is the epitome of politeness. She approaches them calmly and slowly, always mindful of their signals and communication. She prefers calmer playmates and, for a puppy, she has a surprisingly chill demeanor. However, don't mistake her calmness for disinterest – Piper is eager to learn and enjoys participating in training sessions.


If you're looking for a sweet and well-rounded puppy to join your family, Piper might just be the perfect match. With her loving nature, adaptability, and willingness to learn, she is sure to bring joy and companionship to her forever family. Complete an application here:

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