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Adoptable Redford
Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
Breed: Medium Terrier Mix
Weight: Approx 25 lbs

Age: Estimated date of birth Feb 1, 2023
Sex: Male
Energy level: High
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Yes - with proper intro
Kids: Unknown

Adoption fee: $650


"My name is Redford - I'm a happy, enthusiastic puppy-like terrier boy looking for a family of my very own!


I am over a year old, but don't act a day over 6 months old. As I said, I'm very enthusiastic so you don't have to worry about having a lazy dog around. I love to be active, romping around the yard, and thoroughly enjoying my roles of Property Protector and People Greeter! I could probably learn some better manners for my enthusiasm so I can be the proper gentleman I know is in here.


I bet I would do really well with what humans call 'brain games' to help with my energy and something fun and interesting to focus on. I am very food motivated (apologies to my foster-sister-pup as I do try to get into her bowl after I'm done mine - it's just so gooood!)...I bet there's something to that when it comes to training me (hint hint) with force free techniques!


I have experienced a crate before and did pretty well in it. Might not be the worst thing for the first while as I get adjusted - being a rescue dog, sometimes house rules are hard to understand, and I could use some time to decompress in a new environment. I am a happy-go-lucky dude, but even the happiest human sometimes needs a little unwind time. I like sleeping beside my foster momma in her big comfy bed, and pretty well sleep all night.


Because of my energy and zippiness, it might be best if I have a home with either just adults or older kids who are comfortable around dogs like me. As far as other animals - hmm, I haven't met cats yet. Dogs I seem to get along with, but would need proper introductions and supervision for the first bit to be sure.


If you want to know more about me, the Ruff Start Rescue people will be more than happy to answer any questions!" Complete an application here for Redford:

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