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Location: Didsbury, AB 

Adoption Fee: $60 

Reggie aka Reginald is ready to find his forever spot! He’s a young guy with a big personality and a love for messing around in his enclosure. He is still getting used to be handled by humans but once he knows you he enjoys running around on a human lap. He would do best in a home who’s experienced with hedgehogs. He has been introduced to dogs and has no problem with them. Here’s some things you should know about hedgehogs before you decide you want to adopt one: 


  • Hedgehogs are nocturnal and sleep all day and run in their enclosures at night. Reggie is awake from about 9-10pm to 7am and sleeps the rest of the day. 

  • Hedgies can bite! They have sharp little teeth and love to nibble and chomp on things - so best suited for animal savvy, older kiddos. 

  • Their enclosure needs to be cleaned everyday - hedgies are messy! 

  • The temperature in their room needs to stay very warm, around 22-23 degrees! If hedgehogs get cold, they go into hibernation mode which can be deadly for them! 

  • Hedgies needs regular baths and nail trims. Reggie is not a fan of his baths, but will tolerate his foster mom washing him from time to time. 

If you’re interested in having Reggie join your family, please email and tell us about your family and why you’d be a good match for Reggie. 

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