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Adoptable Rodney

Location: Medicine Hat, AB

Breed: Toy Poodle

Age: Senior, Approx 8 years old

Energy Level: Low

Cats: Untested, likely fine

Dogs: Yes

Children: Older, calm children as he is fearful

Medical: Rodney just had a full dental extraction and his neuter is booked for the end of May

Adoption fee: $475


Meet Rodney, the delightful tiny dog with a heart as big as his wagging tail! This sweet senior pup is ready to steal your heart with his gentle demeanor and loving personality.

Rodney may be small in size, but he's big on charm. He's low energy and perfectly content to spend his days snoozing away, basking in the warmth of the sun whenever possible. A quick pep in his step for potty breaks is all he needs before returning indoors for some quality relaxation time.

This little gentleman is a social butterfly, getting along famously with other dogs. Given his somewhat fragile nature, he prefers the company of lower energy pets who match his calm demeanor. Rodney is a pro at bedtime, sleeping soundly through the night in his cozy kennel until his foster mom gently wakes him to start the day.

With his easygoing nature, Rodney is happy to accompany you wherever you go. However, he does have a shy side and takes time to trust new faces. A quiet, patient home where he can feel safe and loved is ideal for this sweet pup. Soft-spoken voices and gentle encouragement will help Rodney blossom and build confidence in his new environment.

Despite his initial apprehension, Rodney is incredibly sweet and cuddly once he feels comfortable. He's a quiet companion who delights in your company and affection.

If you're searching for a devoted furry friend to share your days with, look no further than Rodney. With a little love and understanding, this precious pup will be your loyal companion for life. Come meet Rodney today and discover the joy of welcoming him into your heart and home!


To apply to adopt Rodney, please complete an application here:

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