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Adoptable Rose 

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Breed: Papillon Mix

Age: Approximately 1.5 years old

Sex: Spayed Female 

Energy Level: Low

Cats: Not tested but likely okay

Dogs: Yes, smaller playful/cuddly dogs preferred

Kids: No, she's too fearful for kiddos

Medical: Rose takes a daily medication to help with her fearfulness

Adoption fee: $475

Introducing Rose, a very special canine soul who is ready to blossom in the right forever home! Despite her initial shyness and fearfulness, Rose has shown remarkable progress during her time in foster care, and now she's eagerly seeking a permanent place to call her own.

We believe Rose's journey began as a feral dog and although we aren't sure what her past looks like we do know it has caused her to have some incredible fears of the world around her. After many months in her foster home with patience, love and dedicated care she has blossomed into a loving girl with both her foster parents and the other dogs in the home. Transitioning to a new home will be difficult for Rose and she will require support from her new family. 

This precious pup finds comfort and confidence in the presence of other dogs, making it essential for her forever home to include a furry friend who can help her navigate the world with more ease. In fact, Rose thrives in the company of other canines, finding solace in their companionship and learning from their confidence. You can often find her playing with her foster siblings or cuddled up in a puppy pile on the couch. 

At bedtime, Rose happily retreats to her crate, finding security and peace in her cozy space. While she's still in the process of learning proper house training etiquette, she's making steady progress, especially with the help of a consistent routine and warmer weather. Her new home will require patience helping her along with this. 

Rose's ideal home is one filled with patience, understanding, and experienced dog owners who can help her overcome her fears along with a consistent routine. She longs for a quiet environment without the hustle and bustle of young children, and a backyard where she can continue to work on her brave efforts to leave the house. 

Although Rose's progress may be slow-moving, her foster family has developed effective techniques and systems to support her growth, which will help with the transition to her new home. Multiple meetings will be necessary to ensure Rose feels comfortable and secure in her new environment.

Despite her challenges, Rose is a diamond in the rough, waiting for that special someone to unlock her full potential and help her embrace the joys of being a beloved family member. If you're ready to open your heart and home to this remarkable canine companion, get in touch today and take the first step towards giving Rose the love and security she deserves. This experience is sure to be incredibly rewarding for both her and her new family. 


To learn more about Rose complete an application here and our team will be in touch to arrange a phone call.

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