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Adoptable Ruby

Location: Medicine Hat, Alberta

Breed: Beagle

Age: Approx 5 years old

Sex - Female (her spay is booked)

Energy Level: Medium

Cats: Not tested, likely okay

Dogs: Yes - she would do best with another dog in her home

Kids: Not tested - likely okay but older, calm kids preferred

Adoption fee: $550


Introducing Ruby, the sweet and shy beagle with a heart of gold!

Ruby's journey began as a kennel dog, where she was used for breeding. But those days are behind her now, as we've promised Ruby a life of love, care, and endless playtime. It's all about her from here on out!

This medium-energy girl may be a bit timid at first, but her gentle nature shines through once she feels safe. She's incredibly sweet and has already made strides in meeting other dogs and humans, though she's still learning that humans are friends, not foes.

Ruby thrives in the company of other dogs who can show her the ropes and help boost her confidence. A quiet home environment with patient and understanding adopters who can nurture her trust and provide gentle guidance would be the perfect match for Ruby.

At night, Ruby snoozes peacefully in her crate with the door open, feeling secure and content. During the day, she loves nothing more than frolicking in the yard, chasing her beloved ball and playing with her toys. A home with a yard would be ideal for Ruby to continue gaining confidence and exploring her surroundings.

This clever girl enjoys engaging scent games, showcasing her intelligence and curiosity. With her endearing temperament and loving heart, Ruby is sure to win over the entire family.

Are you ready to welcome Ruby into your home and be a part of her journey as she blossoms into the confident and cherished companion she's meant to be? If you have the patience, love, and dedication to help Ruby thrive, she'll reward you with endless love and devotion. Come meet Ruby today and discover the joy of adding this sweet soul to your family!


Apply to meet Ruby here:

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