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Adoptable Scooter

Location: Camrose, Alberta

Breed: Scottie Mix

Age: 3.5 years old

Sex: Neutered Male

Energy Level: Medium/High

Cats: He chases them

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Older, dog savvy kids

Adoption fee: $650


Meet Scooter, the spirited Scottie mix with a heart as big as his personality! At 3.5 years young, Scooter embodies the perfect blend of energy and charm, making him an ideal companion for anyone seeking a furry friend full of life.

Scooter's love for fetch knows no bounds and watching him dart around with unbridled enthusiasm is a sight to behold. However, he's learned that even the most playful pup needs a breather, as too much excitement can sometimes lead to overstimulation. But fear not, Scooter knows just how to unwind – a frozen Kong is his ticket to tranquility, offering him the soothing respite he craves.

While Scooter is still mastering the art of leash walking, his eager spirit and willingness to learn make every stroll an adventure. He may be best suited for a household with older children and robust animal companions, as his exuberance can be a bit much for the faint of heart. Plus, his penchant for chasing cats means he'd thrive in a feline-free environment.

When it's time to recharge, Scooter settles down like a pro, finding solace in his cozy crate or xpen, where he snoozes peacefully through the night. And though house training is a work in progress, Scooter's dedication to improvement shines through with each passing day.

With his infectious charm and endearing quirks, Scooter promises endless laughter and love to whoever opens their heart and home to him. If you're ready to embark on a journey filled with fun and friendship, Scooter is waiting to steal your heart!


If you think your home could be a good match for Scooter complete an application and our team will be in touch:

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