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Adoptable Theo

Location: Okotoks, Alberta

Breed: Bichon Frise/Cockapoo

Weight: 40lbs

Medium size -18" at the shoulders & 30" long

Age: Approximately 3 years

Sex: Male

Energy level: Medium Energy

Cats and small animals: Likely yes with good intros

Dogs: Yes - confident, friendly and patient dogs

Kids: Yes- older kids who are dog savvy

Adoption fee: $650


Introducing the handsome and lovable Theo!  This extraordinary fellow has been through a lot in his little life, we don’t know exactly what, but his anxiety is evidence of his past struggles.  Fortunately, he is responding very well to anti-anxiety medications, a stable foster home and tools such as positive reinforcement training and his new thundershirt.  Best of all, his charming, playful personality continues to shine through and he remains an affectionate and fun-loving soul.


Theo loves to be with his people and is very gentle with treats, shake-a-paw and high fives.  He particularly loves lounging and snuggling with his foster family members. You might even catch him on his back, with his head hanging upside down.


He’s tall for a bichon frise/cockapoo mix but at 30 pounds, he’s the perfect size for a compact companion to play fetch with in the yard or to take on outdoor adventures.  He loves toys and loves to play.


He has made great progress in managing his anxiety and reactivity and is looking for an adopter who can continue to provide a loving and understanding home environment. Due to his previous kennel stress, Theo would thrive in a home where he wouldn’t be in a crate often. New people and new experiences are quite stressful for Theo so we think a quiet life would be best for him while he continues his journey.


If you are an experienced dog owner who has an understanding of or an interest in behavioural issues and force free training so you can provide Theo with the patience, love, and structure he needs; he will reward you with unwavering loyalty, fun and companionship. Together, you and he can navigate this transitional phase and create a lifelong bond filled with love and happiness. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a significant difference in Theo’s life and provide him with the loving home he deserves. Also, his adoption fee can be put towards continuing with a force-free training class for him.


If you think your home would be a good match for Theo, please complete an adoption application here: and

one of our directors will be in contact with you via email within a few business days.

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