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Adoptable Toby

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Breed: Terrier Mix

Age: Approx 5 years old

Size: 60lbs

Sex: Male

Energy Level: Medium - Low

Cats: Not known

Dogs: Yes

Kids: Not tested - likely okay 

Adoption fee: $550

Well, hello, Ruff Start Friends! My name is Toby – it’s short for “Toby Honest He’s Practically Perfect” and especially for “Sir Tobias Distinguished Gentleman” but apparently those can be a snout-full to say when calling me inside.


I’m a happy, medium-low energy terrier boy who enjoys life! In exchange, I shall keep your yard safe from rascally rabbits, make sure your kitchen is clear of any dinner so long as it’s grabbing distance, and will make sure your lap is always warm with cuddles.

On my days off, I’ll laze in the sun if I can…or play with all my toys and bones. Eeeep, remember I said “practically perfect”? Welll the “practically” part is because if another dog is really amped up and high energy, I sometimes get a little grumpy with them. And, okay, with my toys and bones I sometimes give a wee warning grumble with other dogs, but that’s it! I swear I’m learning! But I will appreciate your help along the way!

I really love people. People are cuddly, and warm, and almost always have laps to snuggle and always have something to eat or sniff or chase. I like dogs a lot most of the time. I haven’t met cats yet, but my foster hoomans think if the cat is dog savvy, I should be okay. Maybe.

But that’s my break – time to go make sure the rabbits are staying away! Let Ruff Start know you’re interested in me – they’ll believe you, because well just lookit my face!

Apply to meet Toby here:

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