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Adoption Process

1. Please read the dog's bio very carefully. Applications are not considered on a first come first serve bases, but rather on the most suitable match for the animal.

2. Complete an adoption application. Be thorough in your answers. 

3. One of our directors will reach out to you within 2-3 business days via email to discuss your application or book a phone interview. 

4. If the phone interview is successful and both parties feel the animal and applicant are a good match, you will be offered a meet and greet . We will also call your references at this time.

5. If the meet and greet goes well, we will proceed with a one week trial adoption pending a home inspection or a second meet and greet depending on the animals needs. Please note, in order to start a trial adoption a non refundable deposit is collected and will go towards the adoption fee. 

Ruff Start Rescue Society considers itself a "force free" rescue organization. All adopters must agree to familiarize themselves with force free methods, trainers and businesses. Puppy adopters must agree to complete a force free puppy class OR two puppy socials with a force free business. (Classes are chosen and paid for by adopter - we have many we can recommend)

Adoption Fees:


Featured Dog of the Month: $400

Medium/Large Breed Adults: $550

Small/Toy Breed Adults $650

Puppies (under one year) $700

Seniors (Over 8 years) $475

Bonded Pairs: $850


Kittens (under one year) $299

Adult Cats (Over one year) $199

Senior Cats (Over 8 years) $99

Two kittens together: $500

Small Animals:

Rabbits: $120

What do adoption fee's cover?

As a volunteer run organization, we try to keep our adoption fee's as low as possible however due to the nature of rescue, our costs are substantial for each and every animal we intake. Each animal that is adopted from our organization automatically comes with: Vet exam, Up to date vaccines, spay/neuter and microchip (Small animals do not come with microchips)


Here is a basic breakdown of some of our costs per animal:

*Physical exam ($25 to $100)

*Core vaccines ($150 to $400)

*Spay/Neuter ($175 to $1000)

*Bloodwork ($100 to $400)

*Microchip ($30 to $70)

*Dewormer ($15 to $50)

*Flea/Tick treatment ($30 to $100)

*Dentals ($300 to $3000)

*Xrays ($100 to $500)

*Other costs that sometimes occur are emergency surgeries, specialist consultations, monthly medications, specialty foods, training, boarding, transportation. Adoption fee's are considered donations and help to cover a portion of these costs, the remainder of the costs are covered by our fundraising initiatives.

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