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Welcome to Our First Ever Wine Survivor Raffle!

How it works:

To enter, fill in the registration form on this page and pay a cash fee of $15 plus a bottle of wine, $15-$20 value (no homemade please).  If you want to leave the shopping to us, pay $30 and we will supply your bottle of wine.

Drop off locations in Didsbury, Standard and Calgary, we will email you the address.

Once you have registered you will need to pay separately via PayPal through the donate link below or e-transfer: 

(cheques and cash can be accommodated as well). You can enter more than once to increase your odds, each entry costs the same amount.

The cut-off date for entries is Noon on May 13th, or earlier if we sell our maximum of 250 entries. 

Daily elimination draws will start on May 14th where we will start kicking people off the island by drawing their name!

The final elimination draw for the winners will be on May 18th. Follow the results of the elimination draws on our Facebook page.

What you win - WINE, of course, and lots of it! 

Prizes are awarded as follows, based on 250 bottles:

1st place – 115 bottles of wine (46%)

2nd place - 85 bottles of wine (34%)

3rd place – 50 bottles of wine (20%)

If the total number of entrants, and bottles of wine, are less than 250, prizes will be the percentage of total as above.

Must be at least 18 years of age to play 

AGLC Raffle license #638069 - see full rules here

Registration is now closed. 
Stay Tuned as we start to vote people off the isand!!

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